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How to be a music video model?

So you're looking to become a Music video model. Here are some tips and tricks that I think will help you achieve your goals.

Some of the things you should have on hand when applying for music video shoots is a Modeling Portfolio, so you're asking what a Modeling Portfolio should contain?

Well it should contain Headshots of you including full body shots it should also have a document that has info about you like your age, height, gender, eye color, hair color, shoe size with a couple of images of you, some people ask for these as they have certain requirements for the music videos and it makes it easier for them to pick the right model for the shoot. You can also create a demo reel of yourself and send in with your application this will help you stand out from others.

Now below are some ways you can get yourself to appear in music videos

Open Casting Calls

Go on websites that have open castings and submit on every cast call you like, submit your portfolio, you can use websites like Casting TaylorMade, Casting Frontier, Fame Street, Craigslist, Using these websites are a easy way to get into the Modeling game

Get in touch with Directors

This is one good way to straight get in contact with directors and ask them if they have anything coming up and if there willing to get you in contacting with the person who is casting the music video send them your portfolio and tell them you will greatly appreciate the help

Model Agency / Get A Agent

Visit Model Agencies websites and submit your headshot along with your portfolio with links to your social media telling them what you're interested in doing, These agencies can submit your Portfolio to casting calls and take a percentage one your get casted which meaning your doing less work and saving a lot of your time

Using Social Media

Go onto Instagram / facebook and search for calling calls. You'll find a large amount of people looking for extras for shoots, apply to as many as you can and grow your portfolio. This one for sure takes a lot more time but the connections you make will help you later on as you will have direct contact with them.


Start a youtube channel and promote yourself and make videos like Buy Hauls, workout days, what you eat in a day, make videos about life as a model anything to grow your following and of that you can get Modeling jobs easily by using your online presence.